Windows binary for libgit2 0.22.2 (UPDATE: 0.23.2 available)

I recently needed a Windows binary of libgit2 to build some Geany code against the library. Since I could not find any reliable and trustworthy source for Windows builds of libgit2, I had to compile it myself. In order to save others from this, I want to publish the result.

You can download the ZIP archive containing the Windows DLL library as well as necessary C header files from:

The binary is digitally signed with my code signing certificate. Fingerprint for validation: 93 09 b4 6c e5 da 01 8d d6 29 fe 6a b6 44 7a c0 f0 d1 28 81

Please note that the binary is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. Use it at your own risk.

UPDATE 2015-09-27: I uploaded a build of libgit2 0.23.2 to