Geany 1.23.1 has been released

A little heads up: Geany 1.23.1 has been released.

This is a bugfix release to address two regressions in the previous 1.23 release.

On Windows, after 1.23 it was no longer possible to open files from the command line because we added a change to change the working directory on Windows to the installation directory of Geany. This should have solved issues with plugins loading resources using relative paths. Unfortunately, it broke also opening files from the command line if relative paths were used.

The other fixed issue is was that the colouring of file tabs stopped working, e.g. when a file was changed the tab normally is coloured red or when a file is opened in read-only mode, the tab goes green.

With Geany 1.23.1 these bugs have been fixed.

So, go and get your copy from!