df -h + mount = di

There is a command line tool called di which basically combines the information of df and mount.

I like this tool very much because it quickly prints lots of useful information about the existing filesystems on system and about their type, usage and mountpoint.

From the author’s website:

‘di’ is a disk information utility, displaying everything (and more) that your ‘df’ command does.

This is pretty much the story, di without any parameters already outputs human-readable filesystems sizes (like df -h) and properly formatted. Additionally, by default it filters pseudo mountpoints like those of a zero total space or with a ‘none’ filesystem type.

It’s a great tool to quickly check the disk status of a system.

Easy to install on Debian/Ubuntu systems with:

apt-get install di

or on CentOS/RHEL systems:

yum install di
di in action

di in action

Website: www.gentoo.com/di/